Movember: changing the face of men’s health


Calling all men on campus! It’s nearly November, the month of the year also known as ‘Movember’. This special month of the year gives guys the chance to become better men, grow a mo and help raise awareness about men’s health.

Throughout November each year, men across the world grow moustaches in aid of Movember, a charity project which aims to raise awareness about prostate and testicular cancer. 2011 saw the most successful Movember yet, with over 854,000 ‘mo-bros’ and ‘mo-sistas’ taking part and raising £79.3million.

‘Mo sista?’ you say. ‘Girls should grow moustaches too?’ Luckily, that isn’t the role of a mo-sister; it’s a woman who loves a mo, who wants to supports mo-bros she knows during their growth period. She might be supporting friends, colleagues, brothers or her boyfriend, helping them along the way with an encouraging smile, a supportive wink or perhaps getting out there and helping to create a team of mo-bros to start the journey together!

There are loads of ways to get involved throughout Movember. Get involved in your workplace, your community or university. Younger potential mo-bros of the future, who are still yet to master the art of growing a mo, can encourage their teachers to get involved. There are also ways to raise money – why not have a registration party? Get people in your society or sports team together and sign up. Think of some creative plans to raise money and awareness during November; perhaps plan a Movember launch party. You can even order Movember party packs from their website. Finally, once all the moustaches have grown, an end of Movember party is the perfect finale for comparing mo’s and raising those last few pennies towards a great cause.

No doubt there will be a whole range of different shapes, sizes, styles and colours attached to the faces of our mo-bros. It’s a fun yet worthwhile cause, and to get you interested, here is a sample of some mo’s you guys might want to try:

  • Natural – moustache may be styled without any aids.
  • Fu Manchu – long, downward pointing ends, generally beyond the chin
  • Dalí – narrow, long points bent or curved steeply upward; areas past the corner of the mouth must be shaved. Artificial styling aids needed. Named after Salvador Dalí.
  • English moustache – narrow, beginning at the middle of the upper lip the whiskers are very long and pulled to the side, slightly curled; the ends are pointed slightly upward; areas past the corner of the mouth usually shaved. Artificial styling may be needed.
  • Imperial – whiskers growing from both the upper lip and cheeks, curled upward
  • Freestyle – All moustaches that do not match other classes. The hairs are allowed to start growing from up to a maximum of 1.5 cm beyond the end of the upper lip.

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