A Spring in your Step


“I really want to discover a new sport” is probably almost as common as “down it fresher” during your first week at university; with so many societies to choose from, that task is pretty hard to fail. Perhaps that is why I found myself stuck, rather embarrassingly, like a baby tortoise upside down on my back – complete with wildly flailing legs and suffering from increasingly rosy cheeks. No, I was not participating in some animal re-enactment society, I was actually at the sports centre taking part in a taster session for trampolining. Whilst spatial awareness and balance may not be my strongest points, the adrenaline rush as you jump skywards and then come hurtling down to earth counteracts both these qualities greatly. Mastering a move, even if it is a simple tuck jump whilst other students are already attempting backflips, gives you a huge sense of achievement and pride. As Oprah Winfrey famously said, “you have to start somewhere” – and besides, who wouldn’t want to feel as though they are soaring through the air, only to throw themselves at the ground and bounce right back up. If only superpowers were real!

The thrill of launching myself off the giant pads and mastering a three hundred and sixty degree turn as the world becomes nothing but a blur is yet to come, but will be well worth the practice and sore elbows. As a single man’s sport you can go at your own pace, and yes, there will be times when you feel like a complete fool as you land spread eagle or your legs don’t quite do what you want them to, but it’s all part of the fun. I am even able to burn off a few cocktails from the weekend as the sport helps to tone muscles and speed up the metabolism – definitely an excuse to down a few more shots! They say university is a whole network of new and exciting experiences and discovering trampolining is just one of the interesting societies on offer that does just that.

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