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If the university lifestyle seems to guarantee one thing, it is the heavy consumption of alcohol. Fear not, I am not here to lecture you on the dangers of alcohol – I’m sure you are all aware of the do’s and don’t’s of drinking by now. What I would like to enlighten you on, however, is the calorie count in the usual tipples, and the best are worst beverages to consume with your waistline in consideration.

According to, the calories in a medium glass of red wine are equivalent to that of a chocolate bar. Ok, not so bad, you need to treat yourself now and again, right? But let’s face it, who ever called it a night after just one glass? Oh no, uni students do things by the bottle and unfortunately, a bottle of wine whether it be red, white or rose contains more calories than a McDonald’s Big Mac – that’s more than a staggering 500 calories. Cracking open a bottle of the good stuff at pre-drinks suddenly doesn’t sound so appealing, does it?

Other suspects likely to cause you to pile on the pounds are lager and cider, with up to 250 calories per can. So, it goes without saying if you’re weight conscious, I’d give these faithful beverages a miss. I’m sure you won’t miss the risk of spending the night trying to prevent a bloated stomach from protruding through your body-con.

Despite being your liver’s arched enemy, spirits like gin and vodka are actually the least threatening choice of alcohol to your waistline, containing little over 100 calories for a glass with tonic. Top tips for burning 100 calories include 20 minutes of dancing, or 15 minutes of brisk walking. So, if vodka is drank responsibly, by the time you have danced the night away in Sugar, or totted quickly in your heels from bar to bar across the cobbled streets of Lancaster, you’ll be well on your way to burning off your pre-drinks on the night out. Just remember to skip the obligatory pit stop at a greasy takeaway before the taxi home…

One positive about vodka is that it can be drunk in moderation. Unlike wine, if you value your life, you will not finish the whole bottle at once, therefore keeping your calorie count low.

Although spirits may appear highly priced sitting pretty on the top shelves in supermarkets, purchasing one bottle to last you numerous pre-drinks could actually be a budget friendly investment, not to mention you’ll be more inclined to make it last.

Furthermore, vodka is the basis of lots of yummy cocktails. Or, more simply, vodka blends perfectly with the likes of fruit juice, and teaming this strong spirit with lots of mixer will ensure you can remember your night the morning after…

So, as we know, for many of us, a copious amount of alcohol consumption is an inevitable part of the university experience. Just remember to think before you pre-drink, consider your weight, bank balance and your oh-so-important dignity.

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