Catriona Hay – VP (Activities)

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2013.02.22 - FTO Candidates - Photo Jay Theis and Nick Lound-9Active sportswoman and former female sports representative for Grizedale College Catriona Hay has “been thinking about running for this position since first year”. She told SCAN she would like to build upon the experiences she has gained within sport and societies by having this larger responsibility in how clubs are managed and showcased. Catriona has much experience under her belt to prove that she is able to handle leading activities including social positions such as freshers rep for women’s rugby and rugby social secretary along with an award for being an intra-college sports officer. She has a lot of ideas for societies increasing their members and is very keen on giving people every opportunity to join them by putting things such as lowering membership fees for sport into action as some of these societies charge high membership fees for the use of courts and space to play in.

As aforementioned, Hay feels she has a huge amount of experience in organising social events for the sports teams and this is something she would very much like to bring to Roses for 2014. For its 50th anniversary she would like to have a ball for both Lancaster and York sports teams so that teams can get to know each other better and have a fun time after competing. Having a more social side to Roses is important to Hay because she feels it is a very special historical event to Lancaster and York that we should value and celebrate as much as possible in its 50th year. She stated: “With the biggest home Roses ever, events management will be key so that we can perform well but also that everyone is going to enjoy themselves and have almost a party atmosphere.”

As Vice-Captain of the women’s rugby team, Hay thinks that she has gained sufficient organisational skills that will help her succeed in carrying out affairs at Campus Festival and the Christmas markets. She told SCAN: “While I was female sports rep for Grizedale, I helped organise Legends Shield 2012 and in my role as vice captain of women’s rugby, I’ve organised our club trip for the Easter break and I’ve realised that I really enjoy the planning and organising of events and would like to improve the skills required for it.”

Hay feels that the Carter Shield will be a key issue for her: “As inter-college sports officers, Lexi and myself will be having a meeting with the college sport reps to review how the past two terms have gone and whether or not [the Carter Shield] should continue. If it were to continue, then the way it is organised will have to change because the inter-college CCO position is getting scrapped and the Activites CCO will not be in charge of it.”

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