A new way to shape up


Whether you feel like you’re overindulged on the Easter eggs or  fancy kick-starting  a healthy lifestyle to help you power through your revision,  getting some regular exercise is a great way to keep both your mind and body in  good spirits. Ok, so a session of Davina McCall’s exercise DVD won’t make your deadlines disappear, but exercising regularly can help  you reduce stress levels, boost self-esteem, and keep our bodies running like clockwork.

But sometimes  running the same route round Alexandra Park or sweating it out during an unchanged gym routine three times a week can leave you feeling a little weary.  Like most things in life, it’s hard to stay motivated when you’re doing the same thing day in, day out.  So here’s a few ideas of some more unusual ways to get yourself moving and keep yourself fighting fit.

Underwater Hockey.  Yep, you read that right. As the name suggests, the game is pretty much along the lines of field hockey-  except that the players don masks, snorkels, fins. It’s like Finding Nemo with a hockey puck. What’s not to love?

Let’s be honest, as a kid, who didn’t love hula hooping?  At some point in our youth we’ve all grabbed a hoop and tried to keep  that ring going round and round as long as possible.  But hula hooping works out several of your body’s core muscles and strengthens and tones them.  Who said you can’t be a big kid and keep fit?

One weird yet wonderful way to exercise is to workout whilst watching your favourite flick. It works kind of like those drinking games we  play during a Lord of the Rings film marathon. Instead of knocking back the vodka shots every time Frodo yells at Sam do ten press ups instead. Every time you hear ‘My precious!’ get going on the sit ups. Get a group of friends round for  this movie marathon with a difference and you’ll soon be as fit as a fiddle.

You can even  get some unusual exercise without  having to leave campus. There are loads of societies and sports clubs which  are different from your everyday sports and gym classes.  If you fancy yourself as a Robin Hood in the making, give archery a go. Ultimate Frisbee  is the park sport with an edge . Pole fitness, rock climbing, belly dancing and fencing are just a few examples are some activities which will keep you active and, more importantly, keep you enjoying your fitness regime.

Even little things like doing some simple  stretching, squats, lunges etc.,  while you’re chatting on the phone with your friends and family, can soon make a big difference. Getting off the bus one stop earlier, taking the stairs instead off the lift, all these trivial things can soon add up to a body that’s in tip-top condition. Whether you would rather do press ups whilst watching Skyfall, or would rather do the sky diving yourself, there’s something for everyone to enjoy exercise wise, so be sure to get stuck in. We’ve got to get through exam season somehow!

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