The diary of a failed vegetarian


The diary of a failed vegetarian.

Vegetarianism is something that some people take really seriously, some people having been a vegetarian for their entire lives or becoming one out of moral guilt. Me? I’ve never been a vegetarian a day in my life, until about three weeks ago. I’m easily persuaded; if someone asks me to go for a drink the night before an exam, I’ll go. So when I saw a viral video on how Halal meat is killed and to turn veggie, I did it. How hard can it be right? I wanted to go on a health kick anyway and decided this was the perfect time to. So one night after work, I went to Sainsbury’s and filled my trolley up with £80 worth of Linda McCartney sausages, tofu and a bag load of veggies.

Day one.

All is well, this really isn’t that hard. Salad for lunch, veggie burger for tea, nuts to nibble on at work; I’m doing well! I feel slightly tired, I don’t know if that’s because of the lack of meat (I know it’s only been one day) or just the fact I’m already bored of greens. Time will tell, feeling great though! Must buy some Iron supplements, need to stay strong.

Day four.

Today was a struggle. Ventured into Holland and Barrett for the first time in my life to buy Iron supplements, so I don’t waste away on my new meat free diet. It’s a whole different world in there; I felt like I was part of some exclusive club. When I eventually found what I was looking for I begrudgingly paid £4 for some Iron; what an absolute rip off! They offered me a loyalty card which I kindly refused, I think I knew 30 tablets was all I was going to need, the faith I have in myself sometimes is incredible.  Went to TGI Friday’s after work and had to watch my friend eat a full rack of ribs, while I sat with a veggie burger. Granted, it was a good burger, but what I would of done for those ribs. Its official, I’m missing meat already. Surely ‘proper’ vegetarians don’t miss meat?

Day seven.

Today is Mother’s day.  Can I not have one day off a week and eat a Roast Dinner? It seemed not, I stuck to my newly found vegetarian roots and ate fish, so now I suppose I’m a pescetarian. It’s not that I don’t like fish, but it’s not steak is it. Snacks are becoming hard. There are only so many nuts and fruit you can eat before you just want to chew on some Haribo and stuff marshmallows in your mouth. I do feel slightly more energetic though…must be the Iron kicking in; best had be for £4.

Day eleven.

I thought everything would be fine. I really thought that after a week and a half of eating nothing but meat supplements, nuts, fruit and a shed load of veggies I’d stay true to myself and not eat meat. This was before I had a hangover. There is nothing better than eating a bacon butty or a KFC after a long night of shots and shame…and that’s exactly what I did. Well, I ate half a crispy duck, and it was beautiful. I have no regrets.

Current day.

I’m still kidding myself that I’m a veggie, I have no idea why.  I even went and bought bacon the other night and called it ‘facon’ to my housemates so they would think I’m still being good. I think they can see through the lies. So I suppose I’m now what you would call a ‘flexitarian’… I’m just veggie when it suits me.

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