Living below the line (Monday): Preparation, preparation, preparation.


One thing I hadn’t considered before this morning was how much time it would take to prepare my chosen menu. As a below-average cook, this was something I definitely should have thought about. My teeny weeny yoghurt and banana for breakfast wasn’t a problem but having to prepare my lunch and dinner in order to survive my long day on campus was a faff. The only relief was that each recipe made a few servings so I won’t have to go through it all again tomorrow.


After making my bean sin carne, flat breads and bean biryani and packing it away in my lunchbox, I got on the bus very flustered and smelling like a curry house – a smell that followed me round all day. I waited until 2pm to eat my lunch in the hope that evening out the time between meals would make me less hungry. The flat bread was very plain and the texture of the bean biryani (now cold) wasn’t great but I ate most of it. I then mixed the leftovers into my very rice-y bean sin carne for dinner. Eating that cold at about 7pm (as long as I could last without food!) was even worse, campus really needs a microwave.

The worst bit was coming home with no food left of my daily allowance and seeing my flatmates eating lovely Thai prawn noodles and Jaffa cakes. The thing was I wasn’t hungry, not really, I think just seeing them eating, and knowing I couldn’t, made me want food even more.

I was really craving something sweet and couldn’t stop thinking about that jar of Nutella I’m pretty sure is somewhere at the back of my cupboard. I even considered stealing some sugar and putting it on one of my flat breads, but that would have been cheating and since it’s only day one that would have been disgraceful. Instead I’ve been drinking lots of tap water, here’s to drowning my hunger!

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