LUSU Gives plan to live on under £1 per day


LUSU Gives is taking part in the nationwide campaign to ‘Live below the Line’, a fundraising challenge that involves living on £1 a day for five days. The charity event, which will take place from 28th April – 2nd May, aims to allow a unique glimpse into the lives of 1.2 billion people who live below the poverty line every day.

SCAN asked Mia Scott VP (Welfare and Community)-elect and current President of LUSU Gives to give an insight into the challenge and asked her how successful she expected it to be. “LUSU Gives wants to help do this amongst the Lancaster community, and we’ve had a lot of interest from people wanting to take part… It’s apparently extremely difficult but LUSU Gives love a challenge, and it’s a drop in the ocean in comparison to what some people have to live off every single day!”

As well as some donating the money saved in their own budgets, those who take up the challenge will be sponsored by family and friends.

Talking about how they are publicising the event Scott told SCAN, “So far we’ve been using social media and have emailed all our members and created a #TeamLancaster who will use a shared fundraising page.” All money raised will be donated to The Hunger Project – “one of many amazing charities who are committed to the sustainable end of world hunger.”

Speaking to LUSU Gives member Amy-Jane Bowden, SCAN asked if she had a personal strategy for completing the challenge. Bowden responded: “I’m planning on bulk buying carbs like cheap pasta and rice for the challenge. I’ve been looking into how much food you can buy for £5 and it’s really limiting.”

When asked to reflect on how she believed that participation would alter her perspective on budgeting and consumption, Bowden believed that “it may make me think more about how I eat and what I spend on food. I typically spend about £30 on food a week so it may make me think more economically.”

“Everyone always says I’m a student, I’m poor’ but compared to so many people who live on less than £1 a day we aren’t poor at all. I think the main aim is for more people to appreciate that.”

For more information about taking part either contact LUSU Gives directly, join the ‘LUSU Gives Live Below The Line’ Facebook group or read our exclusive blog written by Amy-Jane Bowden in Week 2.

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