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From the humble backpack to the stylish briefcase, there are more than just a few bags we are able to choose from when it comes to storing our belongings – so much so, that it is a struggle to choose just one. However, fear not, as I intend to get to the bottom of this turbulent, often mind blowing situation in order to set the record straight as to which bag is most practical for your needs.

Briefcases: Often described as a timeless classic, briefcases have undergone a fashion rejuvenation and are now a must have for any student wanting to be taken seriously. However, despite the enormous storing abilities of the briefcase, as well as the ability to keep lecture handouts flat, we must approach this bag with caution. A shoulder strap is often seen as the more practical way to wear this bag, but a long strap can be tricky to negotiate (especially for the vertically challenged among us). Unfortunately, using the handle can also lead to an unnecessary constant march. Wear with care.

Backpacks: Light relief for the hands and enough space to store your weekly Sainsbury’s shop, the backpack could be a serious contender. With both hands free you could have your bus pass ready 24/7 – and you would need to, because simply chucking it in your backpack could result in weeks of delay and some squished lecture notes.

Cross-Body Bags: To those who fold their lecture notes, this bag could be ideal. With little room for negotiation in terms of space, there’s no problem with finding what you need. However, for those of us that almost take the kitchen sink to lectures, this is far from practical.

Holdalls: With optional arm/shoulder carrying capabilities, this bag has plenty… and I mean plenty of room for anything and everything. This is perfect for full 9-5 days, but it could be slight overkill for single seminars.

To sum up, it may seem as though one of each may be the only sane conclusion. However, as we were supposed to be getting to the bottom of this, a simple way of finding the bag for you is to take into account other factors e.g. timetable. As well as this, the kind of person you are in terms of organization may also help, as well as considering how much time you are planning on spending in the library.

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Grafea- Vienna –
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Grafea – Wine (Hari Rucksack Collection) –
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