Fierce Men’s pool competition results in York victory

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Despite the fact that the women’s pool was going on at the same time, the crowd noise seemed to be throwing it’s attention at the competition on the men’s side which never lost it’s excitement. The first match between Donaldson and McDonough showed great strategy and accuracy from both players, but it was McDonough who came out with a first class comeback after losing the first frame. In the second and third frames his successive potting led him to walk away with a well deserved victory and a strong start for Lancaster. York always looked confident in the first match though and they weren’t prepared to let this match hold them back. In match two they dominated the first frame with only one pot coming from Lancaster Matthew Wilkinson. The reds did improve in the second frame but York took the match quite easily. Match three saw the biggest battle yet between Kane Needham of York and Danny Lowe of Lancaster where there was no knowing where the match was going. York looked certain to take the fist frame but their miss on the black gave Danny the opportunity to come back and he did so in style with an incredible run of six pots to put Lancaster ahead. Lowe wasn’t given a look in after this though and York smoothly finished the match off putting them in the lead overall. They managed to take the next two matches as well which included some very enjoyable scenes between Mark Taylor and Sam Yu where an awkward cluster of balls caused a very tense to the second frame, but it was York who managed to work their way out of the situation. Lancaster’s Mike Logan in match six received huge support from the crowd and thrived under it taking that match two frames to one, but York eventually finished their impressive performance off winning in match eight to take the points in the men’s pool. It was hard to believe how such a tame sport in nature could be so riotous in fan rivalry, but it was extremely entertaining and well deserved victory for York who never lost their composure.

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