FTO Interview: Laurence Pullan – VP Union Development


Winning by a stunning 1388 votes in the first round, Laurence Pullan has been elected into the new position of Vice President Union Development for this year.

“It feels amazing”, Pullan told SCAN. “I’m a bit overwhelmed by the support I received and it’s so good that people have put their faith in me”. He admitted that nothing is ever certain in elections and that he had been nervous about the results, as his competition Luke Townsend ran “a great campaign, and is a really great guy as well which is a huge bonus”. “Complacency would have been a huge error”, he said, but “I think I did a good campaign and my experience in the university was a good step”. With regards to his passionate hust at the elections, he reiterated that “I want to achieve everything I said in my manifesto, I want to make democracy more accessible and I want to empower the everyday student, to support their own campaigns and be proactive”.

In response to his brother Joel’s success as being voted President of Lancaster University Student Union, he said “it’s going to be one hell of a year, I’m so happy, I was as nervous as him as I was for me.” Upon the announcement of results, the brothers were seen surrounded by friends, hugging and congratulating each other. He stated, “We tried to keep our campaigns as separate as possible and hopefully the students will realise that we’ve been elected on individual merit – we’ve both been college presidents, we’ve both been CCOs and held seats on LUSU Council.”

Laurence said that both he and Joel have had quite a lot of experience within the University and that he hopes for a “seamless transition”, although he emphasised that they are “very different people with different ideas” and that being twins does not necessarily mean that they will always agree, as “you need criticism within the University to make things better, to improve, and to develop”.

On the whole, Laurence was enthusiastic and overwhelmed about his win, saying he felt “delighted” and that he hoped that everybody would agree “it’s a great [FTO] team for next year”.

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