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The company behind Subway stores has responded to criticism levelled by Lancaster University students in response to the publication of provisional opening hours for its campus branch of the sandwich retail outlet.

Students expressed their concerns after a licence application for the forthcoming Subway outlet set out a schedule extending into the small hours of the morning, with many Bowland residents arguing that they would face disruption from intoxicated customers returning from nights out in town, as well as from deliveries taking place during the narrow margin of store closure.

Maiquez Ltd., which owns Subway stores up and down the country, justified its application for a licence extending until 4am seven days a week by saying that such a licence would afford the business the flexibility to meet increased demand at ‘peak’ times of the year, including Freshers’ Week and college Extrav nights. Speaking on behalf of Maiquez, Simon Ledwick stated that the company did not intent to operate the campus branch until 4am every evening, and also confirmed that the opening hours would be fewer outside of term-time.

Currently, the exact date of Subway’s grand unveiling on campus are still pending as work continues to complete construction work on the pod-like spaces along the spine-side of Bowland Quad. Spokesperson Ledwick told SCAN that currently those responsible for the store’s opening were “rushing around to get the store open on time and the staff trained up.”

In communications with SCAN, Ledwick indicated the schedule for the opening week to entail closing times of 12.00 am Sunday to Thursday and of 3.30am over the initial weekend. The full schedule is to be reviewed once the store is open and fully operational.

Responding to concerns around potential disruption caused by supply deliveries, and the risk of anti-social behaviour being attracted to Bowland Quad – which is surrounded by student residences – as a result of late-night opening, Ledwick stated the following:

“With reference to our food deliveries, our two main suppliers will deliver during the day and should not cause any noise disruption.

We will be working closely with the University and security services to keep noise disruption to a minimum.”

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