Extrav: Viva Las Lonsdale

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Lonsdale College are preparing to transform South-West campus into the Las Vegas strip for this year’s extrav, ‘Viva Las Lonsdale’. Students are set to be given a night to remember with President Rachel Essex hoping that Lonsdale will pull off the “best show Lancaster has ever seen”. From getting fake married in their very own makeshift white chapel to becoming a fight club legend in an inflatable boxing ring, there will be a variety of activities to keep you entertained and the Vegas dream alive throughout the night.

The self proclaimed party college will provide two stages for music acts. The indoor stage will host a variety of DJ’s pumping your favourites with the alternative outdoor indie stage ensuring that all music tastes are catered for. The line up for music acts and the details of Vegas style performances are being kept under wraps until a nearer date to ensure this extrav will have plenty of surprises.

Whether it’s gamblers, magicians and shotgun brides or dollar bills and poker chips, this theme is sure to give you a never ending list of possible costume ideas to get you ready to recreate a slice of the Las Vegas lifestyle.

They might not be offering gourmet meals from Caesars Palace but Essex ensures “no-one  will go hungry in Las Lonsdale” with Sultans and Pancake Man on offer to fuel up the all night partiers. “Excitement, entertainment and glamour” are what Essex believes will be key to Lonsdale maintaining their reputation for a consistently popular and much buzzed about evening. “There is no other extrav which combines the best music, food and attractions, so for this one night, enjoy it all and be who you want to be,” said Essex. But remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


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