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The time is upon us, to pack up our belongings and venture back home. As final year students shed a tear and bid farewell to Lancaster, the rest of us are lucky enough to be back after three months of freedom. There are some aspects to our student lifestyle that will certainly stick in our minds forever, and other aspects, I’m sure most of us shall try and forget. Whether you are leaving for good or returning come October, you are sure to miss Lancaster, the lifestyle and the people.

The highlight, for me, over the last few years, is definitely the people I have met and the friends I have made for life. The laid-back lifestyle and close living quarters has meant that the friends you meet at university become like a new family. Saying goodbye can be overwhelming, but leaving in the knowledge that you will stay in contact makes it all a bit easier.

It is also going to be hard giving up the individual lifestyle. Moving away from home, although daunting to start with, would have been the first opportunity for many students to experience individuality and freedom. For those moving home, it may feel as if you’re moving back in time, but let it be in the knowledge that it won’t last forever and at least home may mean a cheaper lifestyle too.

Finally, I shall sorely miss the ease and ability to meet anyone on a night out. Lancaster is such a small town that each night of the week, a different club is popular. Seeing familiar faces wherever you go is an advantage that only a few may achieve in a large city, and is what gives Lancaster such a popular student lifestyle.

There are, however, some aspects to life here at Lancaster, that we shall block out of our minds forever. This includes, the sticky floors, particularly in The Carleton and Sugarhouse. The layer of smashed glass and alcohol in The Carleton, although signalling a good night, may put people off after more than three years. However, it is these nights that we have all come to love.

Then there are the numerous buses we need to use a week getting to and from university. Those living in town must rely on a slow bus service, which can get annoying when travelling in more than twice a day. However, with almost constant buses, their timing is reliable enough for students to travel whenever they desire, but I know I will definitely be appreciating the use of my car when I’m home.

Finally, there is the washing up. We have all experienced that dreaded feeling when you walk into your kitchen to see the previous week’s dirty dishes pilled high on the kitchen table. Things start to go mouldy and your flat ends up smelling like something is dying in there. I, for one, shall definitely be appreciating the home comforts over summer, my mum’s amazing cooking and her magical skills of ensuring my washing is up to date, my room is clean and my tummy is full.

For those leaving this charming city, it will be a sad farewell to three or more years of real enjoyment and great friendship, but for the rest of us, we have it all to do again next year.

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