White wash for Women’s Darts team for the third year running


Captains Joanna Birch and Laura Fox led Lancaster women’s darts team to a 7-2 victory at Roses 2013.

With a strong team behind them there was never a doubt that the team would bring the win home for Lancaster. Credit has to be given to Steph Laba of Pendle College for taking on the first game and keeping her cool, taking 2 legs off her opponent securing the first game to Lancaster. Lonsdale’s Megan Sharples took the next match 2-1, checking out on double one both legs as York tried to fight back by checking at the first chance.

York took a game back in the third match where Fylde’s Sarah Pratt struggled to check out as both players scored well leaving it 2-1 to Lancaster.

Harriet Edwards from Lonsdale played a blinding game for Lancaster, throwing well under the pressure as the crowd began to grow in the room and York started to feel more confidant with a game won. Edwards took the game for Lancaster making it 3-1 to our girls.

Another impressive game was played by bars sports enthusiast, Fylde’s Charlotte Baker. With a lot of support from the crowd, Baker took an easy win for Lancaster making it 4-1 and meaning Lancaster only needed one more match to win.

Ex-Surry Youth player, Rebecca Byrne took on the challenge of bringing the win home to Lancaster. With huge pressure for the win, nerves played a part in the first year Bowlanders game. Tensions rose as both teams took a leg in the best of three match, but Byrne held her nerve and took the win making it 5-1 to Lancaster and securing the win and the 4 points.

From this point any wins for York were consolation points, which no doubt came as no comfort to Vice President Media and Communication Rachel Harvey, of Lancaster’s County College, when she struggled to check out despite scoring highly and saw the two legs taken by York.

Co-captain Laura Fox did Fylde and Lancaster proud as she took another win from York in an easy victory at her 3rd Roses darts game of her university career. Scoring and checking out well, Fox took the game to make it 6-2 to Lancaster.

In the seventh and final game, Joanna Birch from Graduate College, showed spectators just how she had earned her co-captaincy by playing a stunning game scoring over a hundred several times and checking out swiftly, never once showing any sign of nerves in front of the crowd. Birch took the win by taking the Women’s darts final score to 7-2 Lancaster.

All the girls played amazingly. It was impossible to single out one player as player of the match as all preformed outstandingly and under tremendous pressure from the York home support.

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