The 10th Founders Series: Bowland v Lonsdale

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At Lancaster we know there are quite a few rivalries between the Colleges. But nothing can be compared to the antagonism the two founding Colleges share. Over the years we have competed fiercely in the Carter Shield, the George Wyatt Cup and the different Football and Netball leagues and it’s safe to say that nothing compares to the excitement, the stress and the sheer win-at-all-cost mentality that every Bowlander and Lonsdalian feels over the weekend of Week 8 of the Summer Term.

The Founders Series was created in 2004 by Jacob Samuel and Tom Shepherd, the Bowland and Lonsdale Presidents, at the time when Lonsdale was moving down to the South West campus. Their aim to was to preserve the legendary rivalry and create an annual event that would keep inspiring the newer generations and bring back the ‘Old Boys and Girls’ to pass on their memories and strengthen friendships and relationships alike.

It’s safe to say that Founders has achieved all of this in the last 9 years of its history. Lonsdale won in the first year but after that Bowland took the Founders trophy in the successive 8 years, until… last June when Lonsdale triumphantly took the trophy back to South West.

If you haven’t been involved in your College so far, I truly recommend coming down to Bowland and Lonsdale over the weekend from the 14th -16th June to see what true college spirit is about!

Your Sports Reps have been working extremely hard over the past months to make this the biggest and most memorable Founders Series up to date to commemorate 10 years of College rivalry. Do not miss out!


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