York take four points in pole fitness


It was Saturday afternoon of Roses 2017 and the atmosphere was bursting with anticipation as the audience filled the room. The dancers were warming up and the judges were introduced. The dancers were competing in four different categories: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Group. The presenters, with light humour, explained how the day was going to continue. One of them had a leg brace on and finished her introduction speech to the audience with “Brace yourself” how ‘punny’.

The crowd were encouraged to woo and cheer the dancers whenever they did hard moves in their routines. York lead with a very strong start, as in the beginners category there was only one Lancaster dancer and several York dancers. The level of skill they had, from only taking up Pole Fitness less than a year ago, was incredible.

As the categories continued, the level of talent stunned the audience and everyone was really enjoying themselves. The day flew by and the routines kept getting better and better. Pole fitness is a unique sport and you could tell that the combination of dance, gymnastics and performance really entertained the audience. The competitors proved that they had strength, flexibility and flair in abundance.

But it was York who took the victory from Lancaster, gaining another 4 points to their overall score. The winners were Beginners: Lucy Maines, Intermediate: Katie Walsh, Advanced: Sarah Ng and the Group: Lancaster. I interviewed Lucy Maines straight after her performance and she commented with “I’m really happy, it went well and I’m super hyped for the routines to come”.

Overall the amount of talent that was in that room that afternoon was unbelievable. Just goes to show you how strong women are.

After the competition had ended, the York Pole Fitness president Bee Hall, commented “I’m super happy that I was able to have the first York victory in three years for pole as my final year as president! I also want to shout out Charlie from Lancaster for being extremely patient with the organisation of this year’s competition!”.  

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