Lancaster edged out in dancesport


Saturday morning saw Lancaster take on York in the Dancesport competition. Spectators were treated to performances in five categories from each of team, which were each scored out of 160 by a panel of respected judges.

The competition began with Tap, in which York performed an “Orange Is the New Black” inspired routine. Despite their wonderful sassiness, Lancaster took 125 points out of 160, compared to York’s 122. Next we had Ballet, which started with a stunning performance to “Live and Let Die” from York. Lancaster took a more traditional approach and were equally stunning, though York’s performance took the points here with 125 to Lancaster’s 118.

The next category was Jazz/Modern – and was also where I realised I know absolutely nothing about dance. At all. York’s performance here took the highest score of the day, with an incredible 146, with Lancaster also scoring highly with 132. Next, we moved to Contemporary, which highlighted my further point about knowing very little about dance. A close fought one here, which saw Lancaster take 135 points, and York take 138.

The final category of the day was Street/Hip-Hop. Lancaster’s performance was greeted with a standing ovation form the crowd, which was reflected in their score which matched York’s previous high of 146. The visiting team took 125 points here, leading to an overall score of 3-2 and victory for York. Overall, the performances were highly enjoyable for all who attended, regardless of how much you knew about dance or not!

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