Hockey – Mens 2’s


Final Score: Lancaster 2 – 6 York

The game started evenly with both York and Lancaster piling pressure on the oppositions’ defence, but with few threatening shots. The break-neck pace of the game forced high work rates, with Lancaster captain Chris Hall putting in an excellent shift in midfield, working up and down the pitch  with some strong attacking runs. However, as the first half wore on York started to get the better of Lancaster with short corners being awarded, the first couple the Lancaster keeper Callum Simpson managed to keep out, but the York side was gaining momentum, even with loud applause from the Lancaster supporters on the side-line. Consequently, around 15 minutes into the first half the York side managed to work their way into the area causing the keeper to move towards one player, who then played the ball to his teammate who scored.

After more well contested play York managed to get another short corner, this time they converted it with a drag flick into the top left corner of the net. Two more goals before half time for York, one from open play and another from a short corner left Lancaster 4-0 down and disheartened going into half time.

The second half began with a 4-0 down Lancaster side managing to keep York away from their D for a while, whilst making some good attacking moves, with Felix Jeffreys making fast runs towards the York half. One attacking moves almost resulted in a goal, but the Lancaster player missed the ball at the far post. York bounced back from this momentary slip though and scored another short corner goal. York were continually forcing Lancaster onto the defensive with their excellent play, playing the ball round the Lancaster players and trying to stay away from contact, this forced Lancaster to mainly defend. The defensive efforts did result in two cards for Lancaster players in quick succession; one for a bad stick tackle and the other for an aggressive tackle. York were also awarded a flick, which they scored when the keeper dived the other way. Lancaster did manage to score two goals from open play, one of which came from the ball being worked through from Conrod Chamberlain to Chris Hall then on to Adam Lord in attack who managed to put the ball past the keeper. This meant that overall Lancaster drew the second half but ended with a difficult loss.


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