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For such a small city, Lancaster has a surprising number of offerings in terms of vintage shops. Alongside the common parade of charity shops in the town centre, there are a few vintage treasures tucked away down Lancaster’s dank side streets. This article hopes to offer local guidance to both rookies and veterans of the vintage world.

4 Gage Street, The Vintage Shop
If you’re relatively new to the whole ‘vintage’ thing, then The Vintage Shop is an easy start. This small, bedroom-sized, twee, nook of a shop is decorated with bunting and old Blondie vinyl covers on the walls; home to a fantastic selection of daywear for both guys and gals. A haven for those who love woolly jumpers and battered brogues with delightfully reasonable prices, The Vintage Shop is the perfect fly-trap for students.

53 King Street, The Exchange
The Exchange is an interesting addition to Lancaster’s vintage finds; not only can you purchase some fabulous pre-loved dresses but you can also sell your own out-grown loves. This store boasts some old designer pieces and tends to be on the more expensive-side…That said there are some more affordable treats to be found if you’re willing to rummage!

19 Sun Street, The Vintage Boudoir
With a true boutique feel, The Vintage Boudoir exudes elegance. Glittering brooches and cocktail rings which would not have looked out of place on Elizabeth Taylor’s bureau are scattered across surfaces and sequins sparkle upon the hanging gowns – The Vintage Boudoir offers garments fit for a lady. The basement houses some dapper menswear with smarter shirts, trousers and men’s shoes.

23A Brock Street, Peely Pops Vintage, recently moved to 16 New Street
With a shop window full of paisley and floral scarves, six-month-old Peely Pops Vintage has anything but six-month-old treasures waiting inside. Accommodating a collection of women’s clothes between 30-90 years old and a basement filled with menswear, Peely Pops Vintage has something for everybody and a good search will unearth some true bargains too.

King Street Assembly Rooms, Malcom’s Palace (more commonly known as Malcom’s Back Room)
No discussion of the vintage shops in Lancaster would be complete without the mention of Malcom’s infamous back room. This is Lancaster’s one-roomed answer to Shoreditch; a cavernous, 5-foot-high room (think less room, more attic) houses an array of dresses, jackets, trousers, shirts, shoes, hats and scarves in leather, velvet, tweed, chiffon and everything in between. Malcom’s back room is not for the fainthearted – customers are expected to haggle for a good price, while the ever-eccentric Malcom pops out from behind rails of retro clothes and tries out his latest stand-up routines on baffled customers.

Lancaster is full to bursting with vintage delights; happy rummaging!

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