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When it comes to fur it is often a question of what do you put first: fashion or ethics? Either way, fur is a controversial topic in Fashion for all the obvious reasons. However, at winter it often features in the top 10 trends. Combine this with Lancaster’s notoriously cold and windy weather and there you have a good enough reason, if any, to embrace the faux fur filling our high street this season.

Most people assume the only way to conquer the fur trend is with a fur coat but we all know there is a fine line between looking chic and resembling a cuddly bear. However, there are in fact several ways you can make a statement with Fur this season. From fur collars to gilets, mittens to scarves, there is an option for everyone’s budget.

If you’re down to the last few pounds of your student loan or just don’t want to attract too much attention at 9am on the Spine, then why not opt for faux fur gloves, earmuffs or even a hat? These are affordable, require little effort and yet are both on trend and practical, except for earmuffs, which whilst they do keep your ears toasty, also make you temporarily deaf.

For effortless cool choose the faux fur headband/hat, available in a multitude of colours and sizes it would be impossible not to find one you love. If you’re still unsure about channelling a Russian Aristocrat then just consider their ability to conceal a bad hair day.

For a fur novice one of the easiest items to rock is the fur stole. Easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, the stole is perfect for keeping you warm. Wear with your favourite leather jacket to give it an entirely new look or even with a chunky cardigan to add a different texture to the mix. Whilst a fur coat can be overwhelming on a small frame, a stole won’t add much bulk to your figure making it an easy addition to any winter outfit. Look to Topshop for a simple and elegant one to keep you warm this winter.

Another way to get around looking bulky in a fur coat is by investing in a fur gilet instead. The gilet is much more versatile than a coat and can be layered over your current clothes to add a whole new texture to your outfits. Layered over your existing wardrobe, you can add warmth to a lighter jacket that might not otherwise leave its hanger during the winter months in Lancaster.

If even an entirely fur gilet is too much for you then you can always tone it down once more and go for a coat with a fur trim around the hood, collar or cuffs. As it is such a subtle nod to the fur trend it means that you can still sport your favourite style of coat, the parka perhaps, but remain on trend by opting for one which features a fur hood too. If this sounds like you, look to Zara and Miss Selfridge who have both taken the ordinary but nice parka and made it just a little bit more extraordinary.

Whatever you opt for this winter just keep in mind that a little can go a long way with fur; one item is enough for any outfit so pick your piece and dress around it. Unless you wanted to look like a bear that is!

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