Preview: Cabaret Vérité @ LICA


Cabaret Vérité, mixing new gems with classics from Piaf, Brel, Juliette Greco, Hot Club de France and Pink Martini, has been commended nation-wide by critics who call it “engaging”, “glamorous” and “sophisticated”.

The acclaimed Cabaret Vérité consists of the melodic Bethany Jameson, accompanied by accordionist Romano Viazzani, violinist Declan Daly and bassist Ben Hazleton. Gorgeous European compositions are performed from the very beginning of the show; chanteuse Jameson whisks you away on an uninhibited exploration of the romantic back streets of Paris and the daring Buenos Aires underground.

The performance features the quartet’s signature cocktail of glorious French chansons, sultry Argentinian tangos and their own award-winning comedy cabaret songs. These beautiful compositions and arrangements are written especially for the quartet by their popular and esteemed composer and musician, Mr Viazzani.

The original show itself has been described as a beautiful blend of experiences and themes: unrequited love, politics, economics, beauty, scandal, the elderly and flirtation with a younger man all feature, a combination perhaps never seen before through an alternative medium of music. A revolution of retro glitz and glamour, sharp lyrics and witty tunes, this old Parisian-style Cabaret with a sumptuous modern twist will make a delightful post-Valentine’s Day treat for all ages.

So smooth on your thickest lipstick and jaunt on down to the Nuffield Theatre at 7pm on February 20th for what is sure to be an evening of fabulous music, irresistible passion and uncontrollable joie de vivre!

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