Hair trends for the Spring season


Age Ignorant Hair; Playful Pastels, Bobs & Braids

The dip-dye/ombre craze of 2013 is still very much clinging to the ends of everyone’s hair. To revive this trend and avoid catching on to the back of another one – go different.  Rather than the traditional blonde fade-out, I’m loving the copper burnout, slightly biased, as this is my current hair colour. For some celebrity inspiration look to Salma Hayek, Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene.

Dipdye so much warmer than the cooler tones of last year, so it has the positive effect of brightening your winter washed-out pallor, preparing your hair for the warmer months, gives you a bit of a change and allows you to go light again once summer shows up. For darker hair tones go for red or more subtle mahogany tones. For already red-heads fade the tips to a shiny copper, and for blondes try streaking through warm strawberry blonde tones.


They are a spring essential, but if you’re like me and struggle to even plait a friendship bracelet then never fear! Practicing is the best form of procrastination. I have tried and tested a few different beauty bloggers, and found the perfect ones that instruct with ease on how to get Lauren Conrad/Nicole Richie bohemian Californian hair. Try incorporating a single plait into wavy hair or work a different style, like the fishtail braid.

For serious braiding advice my favourite bloggers are here to help!

Heidi Marie Garrett of is a professional hair and make-up artist so her posts are really varied. She’s worth checking out in her own right due to her purple mermaid mane – it is AWESOME!

Another favourite is This blog consists of concise video tutorials which are really easy to follow, and include some lovely simple styles which have always evaded me! is my final go-to hair read. As an ex-Toni and Guy stylist this blog is full of insider tips and up to the nanosecond trends in beauty, making it a great source for hair ideas and inspo.

Hair Chalk

Alexa Chung, being the face of L’Oreal Professional Hair, is currently the spokesgal of hair chalk. In my opinion she’s the best ‘My Little Pony’ you ever did see. Hair chalks are so versatile, they wash out, can be as subtle or bold as you wish, you can position them wherever you want in your hair and best-of-all completely inexpensive. You can try and test a multitude of different colours, updating your hair with a rainbow of shades. They look especially cute teamed with the braid trend of spring.

Heatless Waves

So I will trust ANYONE who promises me good hair devoid of heat and the subsequent split ends. Heidi Marie Garrett’s method is to wrap small sections of hair around two fingers away from your face forming a little pin curl and securing with a pin; sleep on it and wake up like a legit mermaid.

You could try Velcro rollers, which are super easy, simply wrap equal sections of hair in your preferred direction and again, sleep on them. Spray your hair brush with hairspray before loosening your ringlets to smooth frizz and hold the shape.

The Low Ponytail

Hair for this season is conditioned and sleek, so after putting that much effort into your hair, the low pony is an ideal way to exploit it. If you feel a boring simply putting a bobble in your hair, there are so many of options to dress up your pony. I like plaiting a strand of loose hair within the pony and wrapping it around my bobble. You can leave your hair in a plait overnight so it is nice and tousled to add a bit of texture, or substitute a hair bobble for an embellished hair band instead.  Try something a little more difficult and tie your pony at the nape, as you would usually, then part the hair above the bobble into two sections to create a hole that you can then loop your pony tail through. This makes a twisted-in effect at the top of your ponytail for something a little different.

The Middle Parting

For the lucky faced few that can pull this off, you pretty much have spring sussed without having to do much. The style is effortless off-duty model, simply put; blow-dry your hair instead of straightening so there is a slight body to straight hair without over-polishing. Condition has to be on point: I recommend anything with argon oil in it, SO good!

Bob is Back

My favourite IGrammers; We The People Style, Garypeppergirl, Trop Rouge – all boss the variations of the bob. From beautiful retro curls, effortless choppiness, to sleek shoulder-length crop, they almost tempt me to give mine the axe. If you’re swaying towards a chop or already have shorter length hair, then now is totally the time to do it. It’s so much more manageable for the warmer months and despite the stigma, this cut has so much versatility, as is demonstrated by the plethora of beautiful cuts seen on all the capital’s runways. Although, the single length bobs are pushing first for me. The icy blonde hue for this spring looks great combined with the bob length full of texture.

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