LUWHC thirds come to a draw in hotly contested match

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LUWHC’s thirds game came to a draw in a hotly fought contest that probably could have gone either way.
Beforehand, the LUWHC thirds coach, Callum, said that he was feeling confident after an undefeated season and a promotion in the BUCs leagues. The team have been aiming to change their perception this year, and he believes they have succeeded.
The teams could have been nervous with a rowdy crowd yelling insults at the players, but it certainly didn’t show, with confident starts from both teams, the ball changing sides of the pitch rapidly. In this half of the game, York had the slight upper hand, attacking the Lancaster goal relentlessly, but the strong Lancaster defense did not allow any goals to slip through.
The match got to half time with no goals scored despite an abundance of short corners, and both teams were looking slightly frustrated. The teams started the second half with a renewed energy, both determined to take a goal. The Lancaster supporters were thrilled to see a series of attacks on the York goal, cheering wildly and desperate to see a goal.
Finally the score changed, with Lancaster’s Chloe Read scoring the first goal of the game after a good run from Nic Whiteford. The Lancaster supporters went mad, although York did not seem happy to accept this fate and worked even harder to attack the Lancaster goal.
This eventually worked in their favour after a very tense series of short corners, when York managed to squeeze in a goal very close to the end, inciting massive York cheers and bringing the score to 1-1. When the game ended minutes later, the York supporters were ecstatically happy to draw, not allowing Lancaster the win.
The Lancaster girls looked slightly disappointed by the result, although the home team can be proud of their season record and look forward to being promoted next year.
One of the team members, Bre Caren, had this to say: “LUWHC thirds have had an incredible season. After being undefeated and promoted in our BUCs league there was all to play for today. After a slightly wobbly start we pulled it together and held strong for the rest of the game, only to allow one goal near the end. York put up a good fight but after ending our match at 1-1 we still finish the year on an undefeated streak and with a team I wouldn’t change for anything. Well done LUWHC thirds!”

Photograph: Sakib Rahman
Photograph: Sakib Rahman
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