Trampolinists edge York in close encounter


Coming into the competition as red hot favourites, having only been defeated once in Roses history, Lancaster University Trampolining Club were out in force – not just in number, but in the height of their spirits. Lancaster looked dominant and confident to regain the title without even a single bounce. However unlike most years York, high off last year’s narrow win, came with loud motivation to prove they still have a strong squad.

This proved pivotal as the first category (Novice) kicked off, as despite Lancaster’s consistency, York’s team produced some sharply professional routines, shifting the competition dynamic into a much tenser affair that would continue for the entire competition.

Despite first place for Lancaster in Novice by Zoe Cooke, second and third positions were held by York. Intermediate category was next, and was looking to shape up in a similar fashion, with solid performances being made from both sides. Yet during the secondary (vol) routines, some initial leaders made errors, with some crashing out, plummeting their scores and resulting in the top three places being won by Lancaster with a super clean routine from Victoria Farley.

This excitement seemed to enthuse the following competitors and even despite some mistakes, led Lancaster member Alice Clark to win as well as a thrilling top position wipe out from the Advanced performers led by Riana Mansfield.

Lancaster looked to be in total control, which turned out to be vital with the fierce competition of York’s Elite team outnumbering Lancaster’s 6 to 1. As with all top category trampolining, the line between success and failure is nail bitingly thin, as a huge percentage of these competitors crashed out on their routines, therefore leading to an unpredictable and undeniably tight finish.

As York’s Peter Hicks claimed the Elite title, the nervous wait for the scores to be collected and ultimately unveiled was filled by a mini-synchro competition, keeping the potentially tense atmosphere in a lighter perspective. Everyone was then gathered together and the scores were announced – 94 to Lancaster and 92.5 to York, securing all 4 points and the Roses trophy back into Lancaster’s hands once more. The key to their victory truly was in the team’s consistency, which has clearly elevated from dedicated training and hard work. A tight but well deserved win for the home team.

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