SCAN Editorial Application: Culture Editor


The role will require you to edit and maintain SCAN’s Culture section and ensure it contains articles of interest and relevance to SCAN’s readers. You will be expected to provide copy for each issue ranging from reviews and previews of campus cultural events to features on national cultural events.

The role will also require you to:

  • Work closely with the SCAN Editor, Assistant Editors, Carolynne Editor and Web Editor and keep them informed on the progress of your section.
  • Establish a good working relationship with the various cultural societies on campus and organisations in Lancaster and stay informed as to what shows/events/performances they are putting on.
  • Liaise with Press Officers and PR Companies to help provide content for the section.
  • Arrange interviews with people of interest within and beyond the University.
  • Provide training and guidance to any member of SCAN writing for the Culture section and maintain a proficient team of Culture writers, reviewers and columnists.

Organise photography for the Culture section with the Head of Photography.
Applicants should be confident, opinionated and motivated. They need a good knowledge of commercial culture and an excellent knowledge of campus and Lancaster culture. They should have an eye for spotting things that would be of interest to the readers of SCAN.

Experience in SCAN is desirable, but applications will be considered from applicants with other relevant experience.

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