SCAN Editorial Application: Head of Web and Mobile

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No additional material is necessary beyond a personal statement for application to this role. However, any links to websites you have worked on or any other similar evidence you provide will be taken into account.
The role will require you to maintain and update the SCAN website. You will be expected to edit and format copy and images for publication on the website. You will also be tasked with exploring and executing a mobile strategy for SCAN as it aims to expand into smartphones and tablets.
The role will also require you to:

  • Train members of the SCAN editorial team on how to upload and publish content on the website.
  • Work with the SCAN Editor on the continual improvement and development of the website.
  • Develop skills tailored to web-based journalism and use these skills to improve SCAN’s online content
  • Liaise with the Spine Editor to produce a unique and creative design for Spine, the website-only section of SCAN, as well as assisting with the formatting of posts.

Applicants should be motivated, imaginative and have excellent administrative and communication skills. They should have a good eye for design, knowledge of website/mobile maintenance and an understanding of appropriate formatting for web based journalism.

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