SCAN Editorial Application: News Editor


There are two positions to be filled.
The role will require you to source, co-ordinate and edit SCAN’s news coverage. You will be expected to provide at least twelve pages of news for each issue, with stories which are factually accurate, well researched and of interest to the readers of SCAN.
The role will also require you to:

  • Assist the SCAN Editor in ensuring impartiality and freedom from bias within SCAN.
  • Work closely with the SCAN Editor, Assistant Editors, and Head of Web & Mobile and keep them informed and up-to-date on the progress of stories.
  • Have an established network of contacts within the University, Students Union and JCRs and stay informed on national, local, university and college issues.
  • Arrange interviews with people of interest within and beyond the University.
  • Provide training and guidance to members of SCAN’s News section and maintain a proficient team of news reporters.
  • Organise photography for the News section with the Head of Photography.
  • Applicants should be motivated, confident and have excellent administrative and communication skills. They should have a good understanding the politics and infrastructure of at least the University and Students Union.

Experience in SCAN is highly desirable but applications will be considered from applicants with other relevant experience.

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