Places you should visit: Andalucia, Spain


The summer holidays are fast-approaching and for those who fancy a new adventure or a break from the daily routine, it is time to plan your next vacation. If you are one of those who prefer more active holidays, along with discovering new cultures, here are some tips on how to combine a relaxing holiday with great sightseeing.

Andalucía, a region located in the south of Spain, is one of the places where you can enjoy almost all aspects of an ideal holiday. It is one of the warmest and most visited communities in Spain with a coastline which stretches to almost 1,000 kilometres. Despite offering various cities to stay, Malaga and Almeria are highly recommended, since they have their own airports, which are frequented by various airline companies across Europe.

When looking for accommodation, consider if you would rather stay in a hotel directly in the town, or in a resort nearby. Despite the hustle and bustle, the cities still offer nice beaches, nightlife, shopping malls, restaurants and ease of transport to other destinations. Both cities have their own historic centres and monuments to visit. Restaurants boast traditional Spanish cuisine and seafood, including paella, tortilla Española or tapas, which you can enjoy with a refreshing glass of Sangria. There used to be a custom in Andalucía that if you order wine or beer, you get a free plate of tapas. Unfortunately this custom is receding, unless you are in Granada where they still adhere to it.

Granada is one of the towns that is definitely worth visiting whilst exploring Spain. This city, situated quite close to Malaga and Almeria, offers great Arabic architecture from the 14th century and is an example of the jewels left from this period. The gorgeous gardens and palaces, protected by the UNESCO, are worth visiting as it is one of the best-preserved pieces of classical Arabic architecture in the world. Situated not far from here are the mountains of Sierra Nevada, including the highest peak in Spain – Mulhacen at 3,478 metres. There is even the opportunity to ski in the region during the winter months.

Moving north, you can find another beautiful city – Cordoba, which contains many historical reminders of the Arabic dominance in Spain. This city offers the spectacular mosque – Mezquita. This mosque, which was transformed for use as a Catholic church following the Reconquista, stretches across 24,000 square metres. In this city, you can also visit the spectacular historical centre with unique architecture, the Roman bridge and other monuments.

A final place to visit is Sevilla. In this city you can visit three significant monuments – the spectacular tower Giralda, which served as a minaret for Muslims, the world’s largest cathedral and the huge palace of Alcazar. Or, a city with slightly different style and architecture is Cadiz. Situated close to the Portuguese border, this historic port city almost completely surrounded by water, offers great architectural sights and the beaches of Costa de la Luz. Also, close to here you can find the Doňana National Park, a UNESCO protected wetland area, along with the home of the most famous sherry in Spain – Jerez de la Frontera.

Andalucía is a place that meets the interests of every traveller. It offers many possibilities with high-speed comfortable trains, great cuisine, friendly people, a good nightlife, amusement attractions and monuments of historical importance known to people across the world. All in all, a great destination for everyone.

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