Signs that you’re still a child at heart


I have purchased my own car, moved three hours away from home to come to University and rented my first flat. In my eyes this equates to being pretty grown up. Whilst I like to think I radiate maturity, there are – frequent – times when my inner big kid pops up, just to remind me that begging for a Build-A-Bear at the age of 20 is actually not very grown up at all. Here are some tell-tale signs that you may also be a child at heart.

Getting excited at the prospect of a pick ‘n’ mix.

A trip to the cinema becomes so much more enjoyable if a pick ‘n’ mix is involved. We will never learn though, our eyes widening in disbelief every single time as the cashier weighs the sweets and charges you enough to put a deposit down on a small house.

Developing the inability to sleep before Christmas or birthdays.

You can count sheep all you like, but the anticipation of waking up to surprises the next morning lives on as we age. I know many people who aren’t impartial to an advent calendar or Easter egg hunt either.

Building a den.

Pegs, sheets and blankets never fail to prove that they are excellent building materials, perfect for both children and adults alike when needing some personal space.
Speaking of blankets, many of us like to bring home comforts with us when we move to University, or if not a blanket, at least a teddy. Sometimes, when moving away from home, you just have to choose a teddy to keep you company when the going gets tough.

Having an irrational fear of the dentist.

The sweaty palms and butterflies in your stomach combination live on well after childhood. Only now it is no longer acceptable to squeeze your parents’ hands in panic as what sounds like a drill approaches your mouth.
Those with an uber competitive streak can nod knowingly at this one: participating in menial board games and becoming incredibly passionate about it, resulting in a temporary sulk if you happen to lose. Alternatively, playing a team game and becoming increasingly angry with that one team member who isn’t taking the game as seriously as you.

Having no choice but to join in with your favourite childhood dance moves.

The Macarena and Saturday Night dance routines seem to have a hold over our bodies, our muscles twitching at the slightest sound of the Cha Cha Slide.
Secretly pretending you’re on a television show. I probably won’t have much dignity left after writing this, but surely I cannot be the only one who secretly pretends they’re on a cookery programme as they prepare meals? Having the ability to cook a meal other than beans on toast is mature though, right?

As Woody Harrelson said, ‘a grown-up is just a child with layers on’.

Whilst the university experience encourages us to mature, there’s nothing wrong with embracing the child at heart that all of us are so familiar with!

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