Instagram: Who should you be following?


When the nineties gave way to the noughties, change was expected overnight. It was predicted that the new Millennium would see innovations left, right and centre (or at least some rocket pack ala Robbie) Although change hasn’t been that extreme over the last 14 years we have seen some shocking innovations in the world of fashion. From Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress to the bloggers’ favourite, the ever-peculiar skort, fashion has definitely evolved, harnessing every outlet to showcase designers, collections and fabulous shoes to the big wide world.

Social media, the latest BFF of the fashionable and beautiful everywhere, has become the perfect avenue for fashionistas to share new buys, new styles and lust after haute couture. If you’ve never stumbled across #fbloggers on Twitter don’t go searching, you’ll save yourself a lot of pain. Don’t get me wrong, I love to mooch at every ‘it’ girl’s wardrobe, but being bombarded with blogger after blogger can be a little overwhelming.

My tool of choice is Instagram, an app designed for users to share and edit their own photos with each other. This place is like the hall of fame for bloggers and clothing companies, who can showcase their outfits, style diaries and goods for free to an appreciative audience. As appealing as this sounds, excessive use of Instagram can lead one to be constantly glued to their phone or to photograph every meal they ever cook (yep, that’s me), the result being a lack of social contact or friends in general.

To save you from becoming a social recluse, I’ve compiled a list of my top five fashion Instagram accounts, which focus on a variety of styles and trends to keep you entertained no matter what the content.


Danielle Bernstein, creator of is blogging royalty, with an overflowing wardrobe and impeccable style documented on her Instagram account. From Coachella staples to everyday chic, Bernstein is the New York girl to envy. With an ever-evolving style, this blogger’s Instagram is great to follow for up-to-date fashion ideas and essentials, after all she was rocking a pair of nineties style mules long before they hit the high street. If you’re looking for a wearable style to covet, look no further than Danielle for inspiration.


I do love a good male fashion blogger. Sometimes the gals take it all too seriously, so what’s better than a well-dressed bloke, posing for silly style pics? Simon’s Instagram is a mix of his personal daily life and blog posts, including the very stylish daschund Dhilly who models some of the goodies sent to Simon. My favourite posts are those with Simon’s face superimposed onto catwalk models wearing the latest fashions. This account proves that fashion doesn’t need a serious face. Simon and his eccentric style really do brighten up the rainiest of Lancaster days.


The newest, hippest app of 2014 (sigh, it’s been around since 2011) has an Instagram account. Depop you ask? It’s a fashionista’s Ebay, without the selling fees or the timed listings, allowing you to promote your goods with just a photo. All the big bloggers are on there, so pick up a bargain while you still can! The Instagram account is perfectly personal, highlighting the newest and most stylish faces on Depop, so keep your eyes open for some real deals!


In need of some rainbow brights? With pompoms?  No, me either. However, Helibells seems to pull off the psychedelic on both her blog and Instagram and honestly, her photos are the best way to lift any mood. Individual style mixed with my little pony colours can only mean Instagram excellence, so if you’re bored, check out her weird and wonderful wardrobe.


The Instagram account of the hugely popular Nylon mag is filled with gig pictures, general banter and some amazing outfits. Fans of dry humour, the NYLON team only source clothes which make reference/take the mick of cultural icons and current events. I definitely had a soft spot for their Mr T clutch bag. The site always offers discounts and it’s easy to stumble across their best buys through their Instagram account. What are you waiting for?!




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