The perfect lads’ night in


So you’ve had a hard day and you want to wind down and have some fun? If only you didn’t have lacking funds, a nine o’clock seminar and a desire to avoid a hangover to make you realise that there’s no night out for you tonight. But, never fear as there are so many options for you to have a brilliant night staying in. Yes, as a student, I did say staying in. Of course, the definition for a perfect night in varies from guy to guy, but here a few of the greatest.

Fifa tournaments: two of the most inviting words to signal the start of a great night in. Whether on your own or eight lads cooped up in halls, you know it’s going to be a perfect night especially when the drinks are flowing and the banter begins. If football’s not your bag then whack out a Beatles Rock Band kit and sing the night away as John, Ringo, Paul and George.

Still not perfection? Imagine this instead; you’ve just taken advantage of a Domino’s deal, the smell of pepperoni is still lingering from that beautiful blue, red and white treasure chest and you’re lying on your bed cuddled up with someone. But, if you’re not up for being loved up then settle down with Ken and Deidre. It’s not just the ladies who can spend a night in content with the box, trust me, you’ll be glad you avoided Sugarhouse queuing when you fill the X-Factor void with a dose of Keith Lemon.

As a guy there really can be a healthy happy medium between a night in playing Scrabble and a night on the town. But just remember; now you’ve no excuse not to set your alarm for that nine o’clock seminar. Pity.

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