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The 1960s was a period of transition between the ladylike looks of the 50s and the eccentric and free-spirited character of the 70s, and the beauty trends have come back into force and used in the Tory Burch, Jean-Pierre Braganza and Carolina Herrera SS14 catwalks, to name but a few. The 1960s were all about dramatic eyes, which was accompanied by paler lips so focus wasn’t lost; in this decade, a girl’s best friend was not diamonds, but eyeliner. However, you don’t have to imitate Twiggy’s doll-like lower-lash flicks to get a 60s look, there’s plenty of ways to modernise it. You know the cat-like eyeliner flick that you’ve been trying to perfect for months? Yes – that’s 60s! Add a few smaller lines under your lower lashes to accentuate them, and hey presto – you’ve got a 60s look.

The ‘smoky eye’ was another one of the 1960s favourites. But you do that already, right? A night out in Sugar is swarming with smoky eyes all having a flutter in various directions. Teamed with the classic eyeliner flick, smoky eyes in shades of dark brown and greys were huge in the 60s, and are extremely easy to create yourself. The easiest way to craft the perfect smoky eye is to use the darkest shade of eyeshadow on the crease of your eye and along the upper and lower lash-line to create definition, and finish by applying the palest shade to the brow-bone and inner corners of your eyelids to create a contrast and widen your eyes.

Lastly, lips in the 60s were all fabulous shades of nude. However, be careful when trying to imitate this aspect of 1960s makeup: if the lipstick is too chalky, it’ll create more of a ‘zombie-doll’ Halloween look than a sophisticated 1960s one. The aim of this trend is not to hide your lips away completely, but to draw attention away from the lips and towards the eye where all of the hard work has been put in. Rimmel’s Moisture Renew Lipstick collection has a few shades of nude to choose from, and at just £6.50 buying a shade or two won’t break the bank.

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