SCAN Fashion-O-Meter: 50th Anniversary Special


The Good

• Twiggy: The woman of the moment. She’ll go far! (2014 Note: ANTM Judge and M&S Women’s range – far indeed…)

• Being a Hippie: Because there’s nothing else that screams ‘free love’ more than a fringe jacket and a tie-dye t-shirt.

• Mary Quant: Inventor of the mini-skirt. Give that girl an OBE or something! (2014 Note: She got an OBE)

• Excess Eyes: Eyeliner flick, mascara on both lashes and block colour eye shadow. Those girls really know how to go wild! I suppose it was this or LSD.


The Bad and the Ugly

• Curves: How are you going to become like Givenchy’s muse Audrey Hepburn if you continue to eat breakfast at Tiffany’s? (2014 Note: keep eating, healthy is hot and curves a la Kate Upton are SO in right now)

• Pencil Skirts: Not the best when running for the bus. That’s why those up North where the mini skirt t’work! ‘Twerk’ if you will! Maybe that will catch on…

• Leotards: No way are we wearing that. Next you’ll be saying we’re all going to get into Disco! (2014 Note: A 1970’s reference? Oh never mind…)

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