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You guys have got a massive amount going on at the moment; obviously we’re all mega excited for the new album and the tour and you’ve just played the Reading and Leeds festivals. How are you finding being so busy?

It’s cool. At times stressful but we’ve wanted to be in a position where we are busy as musicians for so so long so we aren’t going to complain about being busy. It’s actually really nice to be able to start talking about the new album and getting the whole machine started up again.

It’s about 5 years now since you formed and you’ve achieved a lot since then. Was this all in your 5-year-plan or has your success been unexpected?

We’ve never had a plan really. We literally started this band as something for us to do. It wasn’t until a few months in that we all realised that we could have something here but saying that we never thought this much would have happened for us, even more so in what feels like a short space of time. Every other week at the moment something else happens where we all kind of go “What, how on earth has that happened?!”

Having chatted with you when you played Y Not over a year ago, how different would you say things are now from then?

It’s interesting because that as a whole is what Asymmetry is about and kind of what it stands for. Without a doubt we are still the same people, I really don’t think us as individuals have changed but our surroundings definitely have. I mean that across the board, from our personal lives to signing to a major record label and touring on the other side of the world. We are 100% the same band and the same 5 guys just under completely different circumstances.

‘Ghost In The Mirror’ has been huge; being Zane Lowe’s hottest track must feel pretty nice?

It was great and wholly unexpected on our part. We all love that song but I’d be lying if I said there weren’t a few doubts between some of us as to whether that should be the first single. Luckily a few people really believed in and pushed for it to be the first single and it’s all worked out really well.

Can we expect a similar sound from the rest of the album?

Yes and no. I like to think so much time and effort was put into making each individual song it’s own. Of course the album has a flow to it but for me each song has it’s own story and its own sound which I think makes it really interesting! We had the time to spend literally days getting the right guitar sound, or the right drum sound, or try different harmonies here and there and I like to think that really comes across when you listen to it. ‘Ghost’ as a whole though I feel is a good starting point for the album but for me the best is still yet to come.

You’re about to embark on your second headline tour – how do you think and hope it’ll compare to the first?

The last headline tour we did was my favourite tour we have done so if this one can match that or even beat that then I’ll be chuffed. The venues on this tour are the biggest we’ve headlined and it’s quite a long tour again, so at first I was maybe a bit anxious about it all. But now I’m just really looking forward to it.

So, on a scale of 1-10, how excited should we be for what you have coming up for us in the next 6 months?


Now you’re getting all famous have you turned into total divas? Do you have crazy rider requests and stuff?

The day someone says David is famous is a dark day for humanity! Honestly no, we are pretty boring. I always try asking for more alcohol however and Mikey has lost his mind and started asking for +15 Manuka Honey instead of +10 and quite frankly I think that’s outrageous.

Your fanbase is getting pretty huge as well – what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever had a fan do around you guys?

I remember we played in Amsterdam a few weeks ago and someone just kept throwing tampons at us whilst we were playing on stage. Not used thankfully. But the whole ordeal was strange and I’ve had nightmares since!

After having such an amazing few years together, do you have any targets or milestones that you’re aiming to hit next? Or are you kind of where you want to be now?

We just take everything as it comes. We never look too far ahead, all that causes is added pressure or makes you lose sight of what you have right now. We just want this album to do as well as it possibly can and we will take it from there and see what happens!

Asymmetry is due for release on 27 October 2014 and will be available from the usual music outlets. The tour kicks off shortly after in November and tickets can be purchased here

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