Spine Spotter!


Spine Spotter; showcasing not only the most stylish students but all those who have made an effort to stand out from the crowd (even if they are only visiting Greggs).


Natalie Dalton

Studying: International Law

Fashion Icons: Khloe Kardashian

Favourite Shops: Asos, River Island

Favourite Statement Piece: Blouse or Chelsea boots


Becky Louise

Studying: Economics

Fashion Icons: Kylie Jenner

Favourite Shops: Zara

Favourite Statement Piece: Ralph Lauren bag


Emily Lynn

Studying: Religious Studies

Fashion Icons: Kate Moss, Alexa Chung

Favourite Shops: Topshop

Favourite Statement Piece: Brogues


Sam Longson

Studying: Psychology

Fashion Icons: Anyone with a vintage-y taste

Favourite Statement Piece: Collared shirts


Jensun Tudtud

Studying: French and Spanish

Fashion Icons: Eddie Redmayne

Favourite Statement Piece: Underwear, can’t leave the house without it!


Jacqueline Taylor

Studying: English Language and Linguistics

Fashion Icons: Millie Mackintosh

Favourite Statement Piece: Checked shirts


Jamie Fletcher

Studying: Art and Women Studies

Fashion Icons: Marc Jacobs

Favourite Statement Piece: Jeffery Campbell Shoes

Emily Davis

Studying: English Literature

Fashion Icons: Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

Favourite Statement Piece: American Apparel Kimono


Laura Martin

Studying: Politics

Fashion Icons: Camilla Mackintosh

Favourite Statement Piece: Patterned blouses


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