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Although Lancaster’s cobbled streets can’t exactly be compared to Oxford Street, don’t be fooled by the endless tearooms and charity shops, there is much more to Lancaster than first meets the eye. A pleasant mixture of high street stores and old, traditional stores, there is more than enough to help you out when a last minute night out requires a new outfit.

Albeit small, Lancaster is home to two shopping centres, the St Nicholas Arcade and Market Gate where you can find a New Look, Waterstones, Boots and many more. Alongside these, located on the high street is a Topshop, River Island, Lush and Accessorise, so you wont have to miss out on all your favourite stores during the term! And if that’s not enough for you within the next few months a Primark is also set to open, perfect for when you need to compile a fancy dress outfit on a budget.

As well as all this, Lancaster boasts an impressive market every Wednesday and Saturday where you can find a delicious American Candy stall, homemade soup, Indian food, books and DVD’s. If like my housemates and me, actually venturing into town is a rare occasion you can find a selection of the stalls in Alexandra Square every Thursday too. Including the infamous Cake Man!

If vintage clothing is a love of yours, then the market on campus on Thursdays won’t let you down with Mary and Milly, a beautiful vintage clothing stall named after the owners two grandmas. The stall sells not just clothing but jewellery and accessories too with a vintage yet classic style.

If you do make it town, then Peely Pop’s is another popular vintage store with items ranging from the 1920’s to the 1980’s, each handpicked by the owner and all one of a kind pieces. And if that’s not enough for you, The Vintage Boudoir is yet another vintage store that is both a shop, tea room and hair salon all in one building!

The Assembly Rooms Market is another of Lancaster’s gems which, housed in a 18th century heritage building, has a stall for just about everyone. From vintage clothing to handmade jewellery, comics and collectables to art, there is even a café, as you would expect in Lancaster.

For anything that Lancaster can’t provide you with there is always online shopping but personally, I think Lancaster’s shopping scene is a refreshing change and with minimal temptation your bank balance will sure thank you!

Market Street
Market Street

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