The fate of your college is in their hands

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SCAN has learnt the names of the people appointed to oversee the Vice-Chancellor’s review of the colleges. The review could see widespread changes to the colleges, and is being approached with trepidation by many students and college staff.

SCAN can first of all reveal that the review’s strategic lead will be taken up by Fylde Principal Frank Wareing.  Wareing’s role will see him coordinate the self-evaluation document, which is expected to be an important piece of evidence for the panel.

The panel itself will be composed of 10 members, only some of whom are known to SCAN. Those members known to SCAN are as follows. John Hadfield, the University’s Deputy Pro-Chancellor, will act as the external chair of the committee. Other senior appointments include the Provost (Student Experience, Colleges and Library) Professor Amanda Chetwynd and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor Sharon Huttly, as well as Chief Administrative Officer Nicola Owen and University Secretary Fiona Aiken. Of the 10 members, only two are believed to be elected student officers. These are President Laura Clayson and VP (Union Development) Damon Fairley.

The remaining three members of the panel are currently unknown to SCAN, but are believed to include one member from University Council, one academic member of staff and one other external member in addition to Hadfield.

Former Lonsdale College Principal Dr. Keith Davidson said that he would have like t have seen more College Principals on the review panel.

“The panel seems light on the people who know most about how the colleges currently operate – the College Principals,” Davidson said. “Assuming that ‘Strategic Lead,’ means a seat on the panel there is one Principal involved.

“I would have liked to have seen more College representation.”

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