Interview: Jeramiah Ferrari


How did you come together as a band?

It’s a really uninteresting story; we basically met each other in school.

How old were you?

Fourteen/fifteen, we’ve been playing together since then, just honing our sound.

What made you decide to do calypso/reggae/ska?

It’s soul music, feel good music. We like it and a lot of the artists we were listening to… we pretty much wanted to do a mix of punk and reggae.

The new album’s out, why should people get it?

You should get it because it’s new music.

Where can people get it?

You can get it from iTunes, or you can also get it from our website, or come down to one of our show and we’ll give you one and if we’re drunk enough I’ll give you one for free.

‘Island Girl’ is an amazing song, what was the inspiration behind it?

It’s basically a love song. We like to write about love a lot, we all love someone – be it family, friends or a partner.

‘Mindless Riots’ – what was the background behind that song?

That was written about the riots that happened in Manchester; people started to adopt a gang mentality and began to overlook the real issue until it became mindless violence.

What is your creative process? Do you guys have a jam, or do you write lyrics separately?

It’s always different really, sometimes we’ll come up with some chords on the guitar and bring them to Ryan and he’ll get some lyrics and a melody. Sometimes it happens in practice as a band – every song is different.

Describe Jeramiah Ferrari in three words.

Ooh! Erm… really great music?

Which is your favourite songs that you’ve ever made, or what is your favourite song to perform?

There’s a song off our new album called ‘Baking Sun’. It’s a really feel-good song… we like to perform that song because it gets people bouncing.

What have you got lined up?

We’re booking dates all over the UK: Leeds, London, Manchester and even Scotland. In November we’re playing in Burnley with UB40!

Jeramiah Ferrari are playing in Kendal on December 31st. Their self-titled debut album is available now – check out Ruth’s review of it on SCAN’s website!


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