Spine Spotter


Spine Spotter – showcasing not only the most stylish students but all those who have made an effort to stand out from the crowd (even if they are only visiting Greggs).


SS 1

Name: Xander Burrows

Course: Environmental Biology

Signature Item: My Levis!

SS 2

Name: Rachel Peters

Course: Business & Economics

Style Icon: Kate Moss

Signature Item: This black furry gilet

SS 3

Name: Rebecca Gregson

Course: Psychology

Signature Item: My checked scarf

SS 4

Name: Rachel Jacquest

Course: Theatre Studies & English

Style Icon: My friend, Hannah Brady

Signature Item: Dungarees

SS 5

Name: Tom Brook

Course: Economics

Style Icon: I read GQ magazine a lot

Signature Item: Gateshead jacket

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