Conspiracies Unravelled: How JFK Really Died


It is a fact that John Kennedy was killed on the 22nd November 1963 but only a mere 20-30% of Americans believe the “official truth” that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. In 2009 76% of those polled said they believed there was some type of conspiracy afoot. After Kennedy’s fateful assassination witnesses were bullied out of giving their testimony. And over 103 officials were “conveniently” killed within 6 months of his death. There are still over 1,100 unreleased CIA documents regarding Kennedy’s death, which is unsurprising considering they were one of many organisations and individuals that wanted the man dead.

The CIA wanted Kennedy dead because he had uncovered their Nazi plot to sell dangerous drugs to corrupt good, honest Americans. It was because of this that Kennedy planned to disband them. Along with the embarrassment of the Bay of Pigs, Kennedy had lost all faith in his secret service. The CIA also had links with arms traders and gangsters who were in on the plot. They too wanted Kennedy dead as he wished to end the Vietnam War which they were profiting off. The plot against Kennedy included rebels within his own party. His vice-president Lyndon Johnson had a thirst for power which he could only obtain through Kennedy’s death. He manipulated George Bush Senior – the director of the CIA at the time – to help orchestrate the assassination. Kennedy was loved by the people he served and hated by those he served with. With so many potential motives and conspirators acting together against Kennedy it seems impossible that his death was the work of Lee Harvey alone.

The plot required a complex web of lies and deceit. But despite their impressive efforts to hide the truth, cracks show in the official story. As Kennedy’s limousine reached the bottleneck point it is claimed that there were only three shots fired. One missed the car completely. One shot (the so called “magic bullet”) skimmed Kennedy and diverted into John Conally. And the final and fatal bullet hit Kennedy directly in the head. It is clear that the “magic bullet” could not have logistically hit the both of them. Harvey alone could not have shot with such speed. And the “magic bullet” could not have passed through Kennedy and then hit Conally at such an angle. There were clearly four shots, not three.

This required at least two shooters. Harvey located himself in the Texas School book depository. And then another shooter, whose name is still to this day unknown, placed in the Dallas Texas Building creating a bottleneck. But this elaborate plot was not enough to kill Kennedy. The work of the useless Nazi infested CIA, the treacherous Johnson, and the arms dealing gangsters together could not successfully kill Kennedy. Even with these two locations shooting on the car the fatal shot could not have been made. If the shot had come from the sixth floor Mrs Kennedy would have scraped her husband’s brains from the front seat not the back.

There were much more sinister elements at play. Kennedy survived the initial attempts on his life. He later woke up in the morgue with serious wounds but still breathing. It was here he encountered aliens for the first and last time. A recently uncovered letter written by Kennedy to the CIA shows that the president demanded to see confidential documents about UFOs a mere ten days before he was killed. Aliens who visited earth feared their existence becoming publicised and knew the initial plots incompetence meant it would inevitable fail. This meant they had to intervene.

They awoke the alive, but thought dead, Kennedy. They explained the plot to him and that even though he had survived the first attempt there was no way he would last much longer. And even if he did his life would be lived in the shadows. Simply too many people wanted him dead. They rightly told him that he was fated to die on the 22nd November 1963 and that his continued existence would cause a hole in the space time continuum. They pleaded with him and explained that he must die in the initial assassination plot and that there was only one way this could be done.

The aliens sent Kennedy through time and space to position Kennedy on the famous grassy knoll that overlooked the site of his death. Lee Bowers, who worked by the site, states that he saw a flash of light and smoke around the knoll before the assassination. It is clear now that this was Kennedy himself transporting through time and space and that this flash was the moment he arrived. All facts point to the need for another shooter. The logistics of Kennedy’s death point to the grassy knoll. Kennedy, after travelling through time via an alien invention, made the fatal shot to his own head. Whilst the Kennedy we knew and loved died on video, the Kennedy from the future melted away as he no longer existed. The paradox was stopped.
John Kennedy shot himself to save the world.

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