Things to Do in Lancaster Before you Graduate


A few weeks ago all third years received an email with the 2015 graduation timetable, and suddenly our student life has an expiry date. It got me thinking about all of the things that I still want to do in Lancaster before bidding a fond farewell to this place, you know, all of the touristy things you plan on doing here in the first term but are still unfulfilled.


Visit the Castle

I have stepped into the castle grounds and had a lovely cuppa at the cafe, but I’m still yet to join a tour around the castle. Its top of my list for the time after my exams (aka freedom) and as history student I can’t believe i haven’t got round to this yet. This is something to take total advantage of, not every Uni town has a castle. We’re always complaining that Lancaster hasn’t got too much going on, so seeing the Castle is a must!


Abusing your purple card

I for one am not ready to give up my student discount. My heart breaks at the thought of paying full price in New Look. Purple gives us so many offers that we didn’t even know about, seriously go on the purple website, there’s discount on everything from getting a haircut to getting a pair of keys cut. So before you leave Lancaster tick off everything you want to do that has a purple offer, visit that great restaurant with a smug smile knowing you saved some precious mula. (Try to ignore your sadness knowing offers may become a thing of the past when you graduate and become…gulp…a grown up).


Take a walk in the Ashton Memorial Grounds

The Ashton Memorial is a definite must to see in Lancaster, it’s a stunning building and its location is hard to beat. The grounds boast a picturesque walk and even host outdoor theatre productions from time to time. And of course, you can’t forget the butterfly house. Who doesn’t want to visit a place where lots of butterflies fly around all over you?


Canal boat trips

The canal is a unique feature in Lancaster. Not only does it feature some great canal side pubs to do your day drinking in (another must by the way), but there canal tours offered to the public. Around Christmas time I booked a festive afternoon tea cruise which was a lovely experience. In the winter months the trips don’t go directly from Lancaster and so I travelled to Barton Grange, but even that was only a half hour bus ride away. From around May to September though trips run directly from Lancaster, so book a fish and chip cruise or get everyone on board for a quiz, it’s certainly something not to be missed.


Volunteer at the animal sanctuary

This is something I’m still yet to sign up for but is one thing I will be doing before I graduate. If you attend a training session you can go at any time to help or just take a puppy for a walk. That’s right, taking extremely cute puppies on walks. I may even volunteer for this during revision time, all that cuteness will definitely relieve stress.


There are so many things that need doing in Lancaster before you graduate, if you leave without doing them you’ll definitely regret it. Use this checklist to make sure you tick everything off!

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