The soundtracks to your studies


In this article, a few soundtracks will be suggested that you may have not thought of, to help you bust through your revision over the next couple of months.

Ori and the Blind Forest – This adventure platformer game boasts one of the best soundtracks of the year, accompanying a beautiful, fantastical visual palette. The game itself has received incredibly positive reviews (an aggregate score of 89/100 on Metacritic), and this is partially due to its ethereal aesthetic, helped in part by Gareth Coker’s beautiful score. Whilst many fantasy video games do feature lush soundtracks (such as Final Fantasy XIII), this one in particular works for studying as the timbres used across tracks remain relatively consistent. Available on Spotify and YouTube.

House of Cards – American political dramas don’t get much better than House of Cards, and the haunting soundtrack provides a suitable backdrop for studying. From the driving opening credits theme to minimal tracks such as Peter and Christina, Jeff Beal’s soundtrack showcases how much diversity can be squeezed from a high budget musical production. Whilst the overall melancholic tone may not be to everyone’s taste, the variety of tracks on offer ensure that most people will find some value within this collection. Seasons 1 & 2 available on Spotify, iTunes and other digital retailers.

(500) Days of Summer – To be clear, we’re not talking about the soundtrack (featuring The Smiths and Regina Spektor) but the motion picture score composed by Mychael Danna and Rob Simonsen. If you have seen the film, you probably didn’t notice the underscoring take place, and that is the exact intention of this soundtrack, to gently accompany the storytelling without taking precedence and distracting the audience. This is achieved through its simple recurring themes and minimal instrumentation, and is ideal for establishing a calming study-space. Available on Spotify, iTunes and other digital retailers.

Usagi Drop – This anime soundtrack is probably the least well known from this selection of music, but it is definitely one you should be listening to. Usagi Drop focuses on the relationship between father and daughter, in a cute slice-of-life story and it is definitely worth a watch, if you can find it online. However, the first thing that one notices when watching the show is how gorgeous the music is, and it stands out amongst other anime soundtracks due to Masashi Hamauzu’s high quality of production. Available on YouTube.

Rayman Legends – Anyone who has played Rayman Legends (or Rayman Origins, for that matter) will be able to vouch for the delightful insanity of this game. Produced by UbiSoft Montpellier, Rayman Legends was crafted with the intention of being artistically stimulating as well as hilarious and entertaining. Be warned: this soundtrack is incredibly hyperactive, featuring orchestral rushes, squeaky choruses and Latin American themed numbers, all created by Christophe Héral and Billy Martin. Available on Spotify, iTunes and other digital retailers.

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