Summer running, happened so fast…

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Starting from Revolution from the Greaves Road direction, turn left onto Aldcliffe Road and run along the canal on the opposite side to The Waterwitch Pub. Pass Chancellors Wharf and continue under the bridge before turning right onto Cromwell Road. At the end of the road, go through the gate and you’ll get onto a path that winds through fields, eventually reaching a stream called Lucy Brook. Run alongside this for two houses, before turning left onto another path. Carry on along this until once again you arrive at Aldcliffe Road, where you turn left. Keep going: there’ll be a footbridge going over the canal on the right. Cross it, and run (or walk!) up the hill: there’s a great view at the top. After running back down, turn right when you get to the railway line and then turn left on to Ashton Road, keeping left and going past the infirmary, before arriving back at Revs.

Length: 3 miles.

Pro: It doesn’t feel like you’re in Lancaster, and you can see the whole city from the top of the hill.
Con: The hill is very steep, so it’s a definite challenge on your legs!

Starting from The Pointer (Greaves Road roundabout), run towards the town centre and down Penny Street. Cut through Frances Passage (next to Wilkinsons) and onto Gage Street until reaching Dalton Square. Turn right and then left past the Town Council, following Nelson Street up through East Road and onto Quernmore Road until reaching the lower entrance to Williamson Park. Jog through Williamson Park on one of its many pathways, passing the Ashton Memorial, until reaching the main entrance on Wyresdale Road. Upon reaching the junction, cross right onto Coulston Road and follow until you reach the centre of Bowerham and meet Bowerham Road, turning right. Keep running until you meet The Pointer once again.

Length: 2.8 miles.

Pro: Variation, as it goes into town and through Williamson Park so it isn’t just the same scenery for the whole route.
Con: As it goes through town, the first bit of the route can get busy depending on the time of day.

Starting at Booths, cross the road and run along Ashford Road past the cemetery. There will be a sign directing bicycles to the city centre: follow the sign, turning left along a small lane before meeting Ashton Road and going left for a short while until meeting the bridge that crosses over Lancaster Canal. Turn right so you get onto the path that runs alongside the canal, and jog the route until meeting Aldcliffe Road. Run the short distance to the first bridge, and cross over the canal. Continue to veer right along Haverbreaks Road around the perimeter of the estate, following the road left and the slight uphill until getting to the A588. Turn right, past the beautiful Jamea Al Kauthar school, eventually meeting the mini roundabout where you will turn left onto Caspian Way. Continue on to Ashford Road to your left, before following back to the Booths Junction.
Length: 3 miles.

Pro: The Canal is a peaceful escape, and you’ll be amazed at the architecture of the school.
Con: It’s not that interesting running through the residential area, but it’s only short.

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