Dressing For…Post-Exam Celebrations!


Congratulations! If, like me, you are reading this article, relaxed and with a cup of tea in hand then you must have survived exam hell, so congratulations! If you still have one or two more exams in the next few days like my housemates, the end is nigh so don’t give up yet! And if you’re in first year and your exams haven’t even started yet, unlucky for you… Keep reading though, even if you do get pangs of jealousy, this can be your motivation to revise hard and officially start summer. Meanwhile, for the rest of us, however you choose to celebrate I’ve got your outfit options covered, so pop the champagne and let the post-exam celebrations start!

A picnic or barbeque, either in your garden or down by the Uni duck pond, is an excellent way to relax and enjoy the weather. After being crammed in the library for weeks on end, the fresh air will definitely do you good. Ladies, now is the chance to finally wear your summer dress. Pair it with sandals or pumps, and an extra layer to keep you warm. Complete the look with accessories; long layered necklaces and delicate drop earrings give the perfect summer vibe. For the gentlemen, it is officially shorts weather. Add a jumper or crew neck sweater and choose desert boots or trainers, and the only thing left is a pair of sunglasses. Don’t forget to bring a football or Frisbee along and you’ll have the perfect June afternoon.

If you’re post-exam activities consist of a slightly messier plan for the evening and you’d rather get straight to the alcohol, I have an outfit for you too. Whether you’re heading to Hustle, Dalton Rooms or Sugar, why not dress up a little for the occasion? It is a celebration after all! Girls, blow the dust off your heels – or sandals if you suffer from vertigo – and opt for bright, light and summery shades. A playsuit is a chic alternative to the jeans and leggings you wore on nights out in term two, and you can never go wrong with a classic mini skirt. Either way, bury your tights at the bottom of your sock drawer! Gone are the days when you had to queue an hour for coat check, so guys pull on a button down shirt, short sleeved or long, in a bright colour such as a pale blue or a pattern such as stripes to keep it interesting. Be ready to dance the night away! (Though please do drink responsibly…)

Finally, if the only thought on your mind is collapsing into bed to sleep for one hundred years, the only outfit you’ll need is comfy pyjamas and fluffy bed socks. Make sure your laptop is charged, your Netflix account is logged on, and there are snacks in reach. The rest of the world will still be here when you finally emerge for extrav!

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