Boomtown 2015: Dressing the part


What do you get when you combine real-life with fiction? Or fancy dress and live music with ‘districts’ reminiscent of the Hunger Games? Well, you get BoomTown; a ‘something for everyone’ kind of music festival. Whilst other festivals separate their camping sites into mere colours, BoomTown divides itself into nine different districts each with its very own, very distinct identity. Not only does each district have its own stage and line-up for the weekend but the theme of the district dictates the events, entertainment and fancy dress provided.

In its sixth year now BoomTown is growing fast and, if Extrav hasn’t satisfied your need for live outdoor music in fancy dress with plenty of alcohol and entertainment, then I can assure you BoomTown will content your desires. With nine different districts to visit during your time, it would be rude not to dress the part, embracing the festival’s eccentricity and each districts offerings. In order to do so. we have compiled a few tips for each district to ensure you fit in perfectly.

Wild West

With its own railway station, a Gold Rush mine, Shot Gun Willies saloon and the Lawless Halls of Justice, the Wild West district is full of characters roaming the streets just waiting to corrupt visitors. A disorderly, dusty old district, the Wild West is a fancy dress theme easy to adopt; a pair of cowboy boots, a sheriff badge, waistcoat, pistol or even perhaps a hat, these are just several accessories that can be added to your initial festival attire in order to channel your inner cowboy!

Barrio Loco

The second district, Barrio Loco, is home to BoomTown’s Glorious Leader (a story and history you can read about online) and this is reflected in the passionate, colourful zest for life that emanates from the district!  With its own ‘Breaking BoomTown’ abandoned meth lab, ‘Mayan’ ruins and a parlour to transform yourself into a Day of the Dead character, the district of Barrio Loco loves nothing more than a fiesta ‘til dawn. How to look the part? Easy, if you don’t fancy a costume then visit La Belleza Muerto for a spot of make-up or what about a simple wreath of flowers for your hair. For the complete look though, combine skeletal with a traditional Mexican dress and you’re bang on.

Mayfair Avenue

In contrast to Barrio Loco, is Mayfair Avenue the land of the rich in a tax free haven of casinos, bars and the interactive Park Hotel boasting both cocktails, gaming tables and music shows. With its very own Opera house, Cabaret and Funkington Manor, the district is about old-school style so picture Charlie Chaplin and grab a bowler hat, an old suit jacket or if you’re taking a trip to the roller disco, a feather boa and some silk gloves.

The Old Town

Like the Wild West, the Old Town is a port full of bawdy taverns for its pirate passers-by. Luckily it is also home to ‘Grandmas Living Room’, for home comforts, and Wayne and Wanda’s Parish, for some much needed redemption. If redemption isn’t what you’re looking for and you’d rather embrace your inner pirate then an eye patch is a necessity for this district! Reusing your Wild West waistcoat, but swapping your cowboy hat for a bandanna is a quick fire way to change identity and save much needed room in your holdall.


BoomTown’s ChinaTown isn’t the China town you and I are used to. At BoomTown, the district is a mecca of the digital age, gaming and 4D entertainment. With arcades to enjoy and Mario to play at Dubtendo this districts is all about the 21st century gaming experience. To tailor your appearance and clothing to it, pack a kimono or add a touch of red lipstick and some feline eyeliner to channel your inner Geisha girl. Alternatively, grab a traditional floral umbrella that will double up as a sun shade.


DSTRKT5 is considered the slums of BoomTown; comparable to the red light district it is a deeper, darker Down Town. With industrial buildings and dark smoky alleyways looming with danger and debauchery, it is a district full of dodgy dive bars and the possibility of otherworldly beings. Expect the bizarre and adopt whatever attire you wish, from unnatural hair colours, easily achievable with a few hair chalks, to body paint, anything goes in DSTRKT5.

Trench Town

Not considering the KidzTown, Trench Town is the final district you might find yourself in. Deemed more of an ideology than a physical district, Trench Town is spread throughout the city, manifested in its residents shared love for reggae, roots and dub culture. The heart of Trench Town is truly grounded in the Hidden Woods though, a location home to tree-topped walkways, sandy spots and wooden huts hosting reggae experiences. With this in mind, opt for clothing that emanates jungle fever and that you won’t mind getting a little messy in the woods.

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