Vodka isn’t a good colour on you

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Picture the scene; you’ve spent all night getting dressed up, all of your friends are having a laugh, you have some pre-drinks and eventually get to the club. The next day you wake up, your clothes are ruined with a luminous tint of a Strawberry Woo Woo and the only question on your mind is ‘What happened last night?’ So many times a great night out leads to a boozy bust up or lets face it, pure embarrassment. So how can we have a great night out without going to far?

All of us have those nights out, where on reflection; we can honestly say things have gotten out of hand. Thankfully most of the time we usually have some great friends forcing down that essential pints of water. However, if getting ridiculously drunk is becoming a regular occurrence then a lot of unnecessary arguments and situations can occur. We all get that extra bit brave after a few drinks and things can be said that would never be said when we are sober. Texts can be misconstrued and one joke, taken the wrong way, can lead to a serious fight. If an argument goes too far on a night out, then it’s probably better to sort it out the next day when everyone is thinking more clearly. Let people cool off when they’ve had a few or if you’re slightly more sober try and diffuse the situation. If you feel yourself getting out of control, stop and think for a minute; a minute to calm down could be the difference between a night to remember or a night you always want to forget. If a fight just couldn’t be avoided it’s always best to try and sort it out the next day. There is really no need to lose a great friend over a few drunken words.

All of us have that one friend who loves to be high on life and sometimes goes too far and if this is the case make sure you, or one of your group, stays reasonably sober to stop any major incidents from occurring. Unfortunately being a good friend might mean you have to be the one bringing the water and spending the night in the toilets, but its always worth it to make sure your friend is O.K. Just remember you might be in that situation in the future too. Sometimes, if friends are regularly making a fool of themselves, it’s better to just talk to them privately when they are sober. It always helps to be honest and remind people that you can have an amazing night out without becoming the drunken mess that people are becoming embarrassed to go out with.

We all need a break from those crazy essays and personally I think nights out at Lancaster are an amazing way to de-stress. Always have fun, but remember there is a fine line between a good and bad night out and that line is probably that last shot of Vodka you really didn’t need.

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