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After weeks of planning, weeks of speculation and weeks of waiting – with a few lectures, some revision sessions and exams in between – this year’s Extrav themes have finally been released. The huge under grad parties are a great way to end the year and are an event not to be missed. So if you’re a first year yet to experience the end of year celebrations, or you just need some costume inspiration, read on to find out what to wear for Extrav 2015!

Bowland – World War Bowland: The Fallout

If you’re choosing to start your Extrav celebrations at Bowland College, this “apocalypse now” theme has a few costume options. You could dress for the fight in full army gear, be on hand to help the wounded in a nurse’s uniform, or if you’re unlucky enough to be among the infected, pull on your finest ripped and bloodied t-shirt.

County – Neverland

You’ve seen the Disney film, maybe one of the many spin offs and remakes, and possibly even a pantomime too, but this year will see County College transform into the magical island Neverland from the classic story of Peter Pan. This creative theme will see pirates, Native Americans, mermaids, lost boys, fairies and maybe even a crocodile all mingling together.

Pendle – Wild Westrav

Your final choice of destination for day one of Extrav is Pendle College. Located in the West of campus, Pendle will be travelling back in time to the days when cowboys and Indians battled for territory. So which side will you choose? Cowboy hat, boots, a plaid shirt and plenty of denim, or a Native American headdress, war paint and fringed suede?

Cartmel – Summer of ‘69

This year, Cartmel College peacefully present a Woodstock inspired Extrav. Reminiscing back to the summer of ’69 (and cue the Bryan Adams song to start playing in your head) Cartmel will be a haven of hippies! Grab your waviest garms, peace signs and flower crowns, all you’ll need to complete the look is some tie-dye and you’re set for a psychedelic evening.

Furness – Dead Famous

Break out your Elvis wig, Amy Winehouse inspired eyeliner, and one Michael Jackson glove, Furness is sure to be a star-studded event! Open to interpretation, this theme invites:

1)    Dead people: think zombies and skeletons and any other costumes associated with Halloween

2)    Famous people: you know you want to dress up as Miley Cyrus from her “Wrecking Ball” music video

3)    Dead famous people: the literal meaning of celebrities from decades past, there’s sure to be a Marilyn or two in the crowd.

Grizedale – Icetrav

This controversial theme may cause Frozen characters to spring to mind, but take the cooler approach and think “Après Ski” over “Elsa, Princess of Arendelle.” Costume choices include dressing like you’ve just walked off the slopes as a skier or snowboarder, taking inspiration from David Attenborough’s Blue Planet and becoming a penguin, or even something as tenuously linked as an ice cream man! Grizedale’s Extrav gives you the chance to be a little more creative with your costumes.

Lonsdale – Shrekstrav

As disputed over as marmite, you either love Lonnie’s theme or you hate it. Surprisingly though, there are more costume options than simply painting yourself green and calling yourself an ogre. The popular films feature a number of fairytale characters, including the big bad wolf, the gingerbread man, the three little pigs, little red riding hood and puss in boots. You could also go as a generic knight, a princess, or a fairy. If none of the above are appealing, you could always pull on a football shirt and say you’re Wayne Rooney!

Fylde – 999 What’s Your Emergency?

And finally, Fylde College have revealed their theme to be emergency services. Whether you choose to be a law-abiding citizen as a police officer, fireman, doctor or nurse, you could alternatively be a robber or prison inmate. This theme also extends to ghost busters or super heroes as a slightly more unique costume approach and characters that would definitely be helpful in an emergency situation.

Whichever Extravs you choose to go to, regardless of the theme, it’s sure to be a great few nights celebrating a fantastic year! Dress up, have some fun, and spend the night dancing with your friends. Believe it or not, you actually will come to miss Lancaster over the summer, and Extrav is the perfect way to go out with a bang!

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