Spine Spotter


Name: Polly & Beth

Course: Fine Art

Favourite Shops: Urban Outfitters and Topshop

Signature Piece:

Polly – Little summer dresses with black chunky boots

Beth – Anything burgundy

Fashion Icon: “Pinterest rather than people”


Name: Lydia Wang

Course: Management Science

Favourite Shop: Topshop and Zara

Signature Piece: Dresses

image2 - Copy (2)


Name: Ollie Orton

Course: Law

Favourite Shop: Barbour

Signature Piece: Barbour Jacket

Fashion Icon: Bradley Cooper or Matthew Mcconaughey

image3 - Copy (2)


Name: Jasmine Clarke

Course: French & Spanish

Favourite Shops: Topshop & Zara

Signature Piece: Big Scarves

image4 - Copy (2)

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