Style Diary: A Night Out in Lancaster


Whether you’re heading out to Hustle for Vodkabull Tuesdays or saving your partying for Sugar at the weekend, one thing is for sure – there’s no judgment in Lancaster on how you decide to dress. How can there be when we’ve all seen our fair share of crazy outfits inspired by the themed nights our university has to offer? I’m sure many of us wouldn’t bat an eye if we found ourselves standing at a bar with one person in a t-shirt and jeans on our left, and another dressed up as a giant pineapple on our right. Whether you want to dress up or dress down, you’ll be sure to fit right in!

For the most part, on Tuesday and Thursday nights Hustle is the place to be. Well known for its sticky floors and generally grime-y appearance, there’s no pressure to dress up if here is where you’re heading. Hustle is the perfect destination if your friends have convinced you on a last minute night out and you’ve not got much time to get ready! As you’re probably well aware though, Hustle, like most clubs, will get very hot especially when you’re dancing away, so its best to dress bearing this in mind. Skirts and thinner tops are perfect – and try to grab a spot near the fan if you can!

Overheating is not too much of an issue if you’re heading to Sugar for Whoops Wednesdays or Escape on Saturdays. You may have the opposite problem in fact, as you shiver in the unavoidable queue or get drenched as you wait for the Sugarbus at the end of the night. Don’t hesitate when it comes to taking a jacket, you’ll be thanking yourself when you’re warm and dry. Just don’t forget to pick it up from the cloakroom at the end of the night!

Lastly, onto footwear. I can’t count the times I’ve woken up after a night out to find my shoes from the night before coated in alcohol stains and stickiness, a heartbreaking discovery if you head out in a pair of your favourites. It’s a good idea to limit your night out footwear to cheaper shoes you don’t mind getting ruined, or can at least throw in the wash if they get too dirty. If you opt for heels, I’d recommend a chunky pair for comfort when you’re dancing into the early hours, and maybe invest is a good shoe protector spray to keep them in good condition. If you’re heading to a paint or a foam party however, make sure you stick to flats with a good grip so you don’t find yourself on the floor!

There’s no dress code when it comes to Lancaster, just dress for your own comfort and be sure you have a good time!

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